I am Yukai Guo, a 2nd-year Ph.D. student in Software Engineering, Tsinghua University, advised by Prof. Shixia Liu. Prior to that, I was an undergraduate student at Tsinghua University, where I majored in Software Engineering (2018-2022) and minored in Psychology (2019-2022).

My research interest includes visual analytics.

🔥 News

  • 2023.07:  💬 I presented our work Uni-Evaluator at ChinaVis 2023. 📍Chongqing, China.
  • 2023.07:  🎉 Our paper Uni-Evaluator is accepted by IEEE VIS 2023! 📍Melbourne, Australia.

📝 Publications

VIS 2023

A Unified Interactive Model Evaluation for Classification, Object Detection, and Instance Segmentation in Computer Vision

Changjian Chen*, Yukai Guo*, Fengyuan Tian, Shilong Liu, Weikai Yang, Zhaowei Wang, Jing Wu, Hang Su, Hanspeter Pfister, Shixia Liu

IEEE Visualization Conference 2023

  • Uni-Evaluator is a visual analysis tool to support a unified model evaluation for different computer vision tasks, including classification, object detection, and instance segmentation.

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📖 Educations

  • 2022.08 - (now), Ph.D. in Software Engineering, School of Software, Tsinghua University.
  • 2018.08 - 2022.06, Bachelor in Software Engineering, School of Software, Tsinghua University.
  • 2012.08 - 2018.06, the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University, Guangzhou.

🎖 Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Undergraduate of Tsinghua University (清华大学优秀毕业生, Top 2%), 2022
  • Outstanding Undergraduate of Beijing (北京市优秀毕业生, Top 5%), 2022
  • National Scholarship (国家奖学金, Top 1%), 2021
  • “Jiang Nanxiang” Scholarship of Tsinghua (清华大学蒋南翔奖学金, Top 1%), 2020
  • “Yier Jiu” Scholarship of Tsinghua (清华大学“一二·九”奖学金, Top 1%), 2019